The CYCBA focuses on supporting ALL MUSIC STUDENTS. The music parent group, with the advice and guidance of the music director, make many major decisions throughout the school year. The high level of success in this music program is due to the encouragement & support we receive from this very vital organization. THIS GROUP IS YOU, THE PARENTS!!! Help is always welcomed. The proud history of this program over the past 10 – 15 years is a testament to the contributions of students, teachers and parents. We encourage you to come out to meetings, let your enthusiasm take voice and find a way to contribute. Through fundraising projects and concerts our parent group raises thousands of dollars to support the talents & efforts of the students in our music program. The Society raises money for the entire program and also administrates accounts so that each band member receives credit for their individual fund-raising efforts. They also help with the organization and support for tours, field trips and both purchases and disbursement of band uniforms. Over the years this organization has augmented District funds for the purchase of equipment, music and other learning resources. The LTSS music association enhances the presentation of our students by decorating performance venues and organizing food services at many of our performances. This organization has a proud history of responding quickly and effectively to any perceived threat to music education in our District. The association organizes a communications network with parents through email contact and through our Dept. website at . Bookmark this on your computer for easy reference. The parents that come to meetings regularly are terrific people and have a lot of fun working together for the band.

Meetings are generally held in the LTSS Theatre at 7:00pm on the first Monday of each month.
Diane Campbell, President