There are currently no trips planned for 2020/2021

Please Fill Out This Form To Claim Your Final Disneyland 2020 Trip Refund

  • Mailing Information

    After many months CYCBA has successfully settled the 2020 Band Tour claim with the Insurance company. Each student who paid for cancellation insurance in their trip fees is entitled to a portion of the insurance claim.

    This is the second stage of returning trip fees. We will not issue a cheque for a student’s account until this form is filled out. As you can imagine, there are 60+ students in our database and it will take a few days to go through each account and issue the final round of cheques. We thank you in advance for your patience while we manually process these refunds and mail them out. Please note that due to current COVID 19 restrictions we will not be permitting pick ups.

    If you have any questions/concerns, please direct them to